PNY 1TB SATA SSD | 535MBps Read | 515MBps Write


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PNY 1TB SATA SSD | 535MBps Read | 515MBps Write

  • Upgrade your laptop or desktop computer and feel the difference with super-fast OS boot times and application loads
  • Exceptional performance offering up to 535MB/s seq. Read and 515MB/s seq. Write speeds
  • Superior performance as compared to traditional hard drives (HDD)
  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • Backwards compatible with SATA II 3GB/sec
CS900 M.2 & 2.5″ SATA III SSD

Delivering Sought After Features and Excellent Value

Upgrade from a hard disk drive (HDD) for faster performance or more storage, up to 50% faster boot up Times, Non-volatile NAND up to 30 times more robust than HDDs.




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