Crazy Week in AI: Exciting Tools, News & Videos


Welcome to our weekly recap of the ever-evolving world of AI! In this TLDR edition, we’ll highlight the most exciting tools, news, and videos that have emerged in the AI space. From impressive AI-driven features in Adobe Photoshop to innovative tools like Kaiber Storyboard, Waitlyst, Emberly, and Blockade Labs, we’ll explore the latest advancements in AI technology. Additionally, we’ll discuss significant AI-related news, including Microsoft’s AI integrations and NVIDIA’s remarkable growth. Don’t miss out on the must-watch videos and a money-making idea leveraging AI in email marketing. Let’s get started!

  1. Adobe Photoshop’s Generative Fill: Adobe Photoshop, the industry-leading image editing software, received a significant upgrade with its new “generative fill” feature. This powerful addition brings the capabilities of Adobe Firefly image generation directly into Photoshop, allowing users to generate AI images within the software itself. Compositing and creating stunning visuals has never been easier, empowering both novice and skilled artists alike.
  2. Kaiber Storyboard: Kaiber, an innovative AI tool, introduced its latest feature called Storyboards. Leveraging their powerful Deforum-based model, Kaiber enables users to string together multiple images, videos, and prompts into a single, cohesive video. With Kaiber Storyboard, storytelling takes on a new level of creativity, allowing users to unleash their imagination and create captivating visual narratives.
  3. Waitlyst: Waitlyst presents an intriguing application of AI, focusing on enhancing customer experience and driving sales. By leveraging AI, Waitlyst observes user actions on websites and email lists, enabling automatic follow-ups tailored to individual users. This tool optimizes customer engagement, retention, and revenue generation by providing personalized interactions throughout the customer journey.
  4. Emberly: Emberly offers a comprehensive solution for organizing information through a combination of note-taking, mind mapping, and bookmarking, all powered by AI. This tool allows users to better structure and visualize their thoughts, ideas, and collected information. Furthermore, Emberly’s AI writing assistant assists users in kick-starting and refining their thoughts, facilitating efficient knowledge management.
  5. Blockade Labs: Blockade Labs introduces a remarkable AI tool called Skybox AI. This tool enables users to create immersive 3D scenes by simply providing text prompts. With the latest drawing features, users can now design custom 3D scenes with precision, enhancing the overall experience. Blockade Labs’ Skybox AI offers a free and accessible way to explore the world of 3D visualization and creation.

AI News & Articles

Discover the highlights from the Microsoft Build event, where AI took center stage. Windows 11 unveiled an AI sidebar for system-wide integration, plugins for ChatGPT in Bing and Windows Co-pilot, an enhanced analytics platform, and more. Additionally, Adobe’s introduction of Firefly, an AI image generator, within Photoshop garnered attention, enabling users to bring their creative visions to life effortlessly.

NVIDIA‘s exponential growth in the stock market sparked excitement, driven by the demand for compute power in generative AI. While their market cap places them among the top 6 largest companies globally, questions arise as Apple and Microsoft.

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