Gaming Mice, A comparison, Sensors and price

We would like to compare the gaming (mouse)s or gaming mice, whichever your prefer, here are a handful of mice to compare between them, and depending on the specifications, you can then choose the suitable mouse for your needs

Cougar Minos XTADNS-3050 Optical40006Yes96 gBHD 11.90
Glorious Model OPixart PMW-3360 Optical120006Yes58 gBHD 25.50
MSI Clutch GM08PAW-3519 Optical42006No104 gBHD 10
Razer DeathAdder EssentialRazer Optical64005No96 gBHD 15.50
Redragon Emperor M909Pixart PMW3327 Optical124007Yes131 gBHD 13
Redragon M988 Storm Elite HoneycombPixart PMW3389 Optical160008Yes85 g (without cable)BHD 13.50

With this you should now be able to make a clear decision after getting to know all the specifications.


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